Are These the World’s Most Luxurious Buses?

Most people don’t really tend to out the words ‘luxury’ and ‘bus’ in the same sentence, as in most minds buses are not luxurious vehicles but simply a means of mass transportation. However, over recent years buses have come a long way and as is the case with other types of vehicles you can find some fabulous luxury buses around the world.

Take a peek at the World’s Most Luxurious Buses

If you are looking to spot buses with a difference, here are a few that could well be amongst the most luxurious in the world:
The Vantare Platinum Plus: This $2.5 million bus is the epitome of luxury and will change your whole perspective on buses. Stunning and spacious, this bus Italian leather, state of the art technology, and beautiful decor to make it stand out from the crowd. You will find everything from king size beds and plasma TVs to liquor cabinets and designer glassware on this bus, making it more like a luxury apartment on wheels.
Are These the World’s Most Luxurious Buses? - Arrow Stage Lines
Prince Sultan Bin Fahd of Saudi Arabia: A single-decker bus designed for the prince offers pure, unadulterated beauty and luxury that really is fit for royalty. The bus comes with a stunning spacious lounge area with gorgeous furnishings, a royal suite for relaxation and kicking back, an incredible bedroom with luxury bed and seating, additional bedrooms, and a fabulous bathroom.
Are These the World’s Most Luxurious Buses? - Arrow Stage Lines
Volkner Mobil Performance Bus: This is a truly amazing bus, which has everything from mod cons and comfort on board to a built in garage underneath for your sports car. You can relax in comfort in the stunning living and sleeping areas, enjoy entertainment on your plasma TV, and enjoy complete and utter comfort even if you are doing the driving.
Are These the World’s Most Luxurious Buses? - Arrow Stage Lines
These are just a few of the luxury vehicles that take bus travel to a whole new level.
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