The World's Craziest Buses

Buses are vehicles that many of us tend to take for granted. We hop on and hop off as necessary without giving them a second glance other than to check we are on the right one. However, not all buses are the same…in fact, the world is full of strange and pretty crazy buses that would definitely have you looking twice.

These are just the craziest buses!

If you think that buses are nothing to write home about, think again. While this might be true of the average bus, the buses below are anything but average. Some of the craziest buses in the world include:

  • The Phantom Fighter Engine Bus: Located in the USA, you will find the perfect bus for speed freaks. This is a bus that combines a standard yellow school bus with a Phantom fighter engine to create a vehicle that can reach speeds of over 360 MPH.

The World's 5 Craziest Buses - Arrow Stage Lines

  • Auto Tram Extra Grand: Based in Germany, this is the centipede of buses. This gigantic bus comes in three segments and is more than 100 feet long – so it could take you a while if you like to sit at the back of the bus.


  • The Topsy Turvey Bus: This bus is not just a bus – it’s art on wheels. Looking from the ground up it looks like a standard yellow school bus. However, on top of the bus is another bus, which is upside down like a mirror image, complete with wheels in the air.

The World's 5 Craziest Buses - Arrow Stage Lines


  • The Platinum Plus: If you thought there was no such thing as luxury bus travel, think again. This bus is the penthouse suite of all buses, with a fabulously swanky interior that will have you feeling like you’re in a palace on wheel…assuming you can afford the $2.5 million fare that is.

As these weird and wonderful buses demonstrate, it is possible to take a bus trip that is unique and memorable.
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