Industry Leading Stats

2019 Environmental Leadership Award

Industry Leading Stats

Our statistics are based on the experience and opinions of thousands of our customers. These are not based on publications, altered information, or magazines. These statistics are our customers’ views about Arrow Stage Lines, and we are extremely proud to share these numbers with you, when you are making a choice on a service provider.

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Significant Statistics

Based on customer feedback, we received a 98% customer satisfaction rating, a 97% customer recommendation rating, and a 97% on-time performance rating. Arrow Stage Lines’ drivers averaged a 98% customer satisfaction rating, and our customers rated equipment cleanliness at 99% over the course of the year. You can take confidence in the opinions and experiences of thousands of passengers who have chosen to travel with Arrow Stage Lines.


Customer recommendation is what our customers think is the most important performance measurement to our team. We are always honored when a customer recommends Arrow Stage Lines, but we are particularly proud to say 97% of our customers would endorse Arrow Stage Lines to a friend or colleague.

Experience the same confidence as 97% of our other customers, when you choose Arrow Stage Lines for your charter bus experience.


Customer satisfaction matters, but it’s more than just the ride that is important. Arrow Stage Lines puts emphasis on the entire experience; beginning with your first interaction with our friendly, professional sales team, and lasting throughout your entire journey.

Our 98% customer satisfaction rating takes into consideration every customer survey response, on a variety of questions. These statistics include sales experience, driver experience, recommendation rating, and clean equipment rating.

Our customers’ satisfaction support your confidence when you choose Arrow Stage Lines for your charter bus experience.


We know that highly trained, courteous, professional drivers can make all the difference on your journey. This is the main reason we value the feedback customers provide us on their rapport with their driver.

Based on customer feedback, our customers gave our professional drivers a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

Arrow Stage Lines’ drivers’ number one priority is to ensure the safety of all those on-board and all those on the road.

We highly value the opinions of our customers, but we also value the opinions of our friends in the industry.

What People Say

“It was an incredible experience from start to finish. We definitely plan to use Arrow again. The office staff and driver were AMAZING!!!.”

Rachel Taylor