What if the motorcoach I chartered breaks down?

What if the motorcoach I charter breaks down and my people are stranded on the road?  How will the motorcoach company treat me if this happens?  Have you ever had these thoughts before your motorcoach adventure?  You don’t have to have these feelings when you charter a motorcoach with Arrow Stage Lines.  Breakdowns and unclean buses are never acceptable.  You deserve better!

Arrow Stage Lines’ superior maintenance program and exceptional maintenance team keeps you on the road and continually moving toward your destination, safely and on time. Over the last 3 years, on average, Arrow Stage Lines’ motorcoaches travelled over 60,000 miles, per coach, without experiencing a mechanical disruption. That means you could charter over 130 trips with Arrow Stage Lines and never experience a breakdown. This is all due to the complex and proven preventative maintenance program we have in place, nationwide.

Arrow Stage Lines has a vast nationwide network. In the event of a very rare breakdown, our operational teams are able to use our 12 nationwide locations and robust industry affiliations to keep you moving toward your destination. On average, during those rare occasions, trips were only delayed 74 minutes, nationwide.

The Arrow Stage Lines’ maintenance team keeps your comfort front and center. Clean equipment that is up to our customer’s standards is extremely important to our team. Based on customer feedback, Arrow Stage Lines has received a 99% clean equipment rating for our customers.

Maintenance is a factor you never want to have to think about while you are on your journey. A major component of any trip is making sure everything is working properly and you and your group are safe. We know, with well-maintained equipment and the right driver, the experience can go from good to fantastic.  That is the primary reason we place so much emphasis on continually providing you with the finest vehicles and driving team in the industry. You deserve the best and it is our duty to provide you with that! 



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