Want Green Travel? Take an Arrow Stage Lines Motorcoach!

Green-Travel-with-Arrow-Stage-Lines-1Green travel is becoming more and more of a priority because, as we all know, automobile, buses, airplanes, trains, and even motorcoaches, cause air pollution – in the US, transport is a major cause of such pollution. It can cause problems to wildlife as well as to humans, which is why the US transportation industry has for many years been making major efforts to curb emissions, improve fuel & engine efficiencies and reduce pollution. With so many people in the general public becoming more conscious of the need for green travel and trying to be more environmentally-friendly, minimizing your travel carbon footprint has become a big issue. Green travel is the best way to travel!
So the question becomes: What type of transportation is the more environmentally-friendly? Howgreen is motorcoach travel, and can is help reduce your travel carbon footprint?
Well, due to the Clean Air Act 1990 all buses and coaches on the roads must create fewer emissions, which helps to lower the levels of air pollution. For a typical journey, a well maintained motorcoach create less than 35% of the pollution created by an train doing the same journey, and it’s an even better comparison with automobiles: motorcoaches typically produce less than 25% of the pollution of a car doing the same journey!
Green Travel with Arrow Stage LinesAs motorcoaches can carry upwards of 70 people per journey the amount of carbon emissions that are produced per person are actually much lower than cars. So if you are concerned about reducing the amount of carbon emissions that you are responsible for creating, choosing motorcoach travel is the perfect solution. Not only is it fast, safe, friendly and efficient, it is also environmentally friendly and will give you peace of mind. Definite a great form ofgreen travel!
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