Walk-man (How Far We've Come)

It’s interesting to think how fast our world is changing, and Arrow’s passion to stay ahead of the current trends.

Just a few weeks ago we polled some of our social media audiences and asked them to rank the top 5 items necessary when traveling with Arrow. Some of the answers were not that surprising, water, coffee and rest stops, but one item caught our attention… a walk-man. Now we do not know if this avid Arrow customer was referring to a tape deck or a CD player, either way, we had to take a step back and appreciate how far we have advanced the motorcoach for our passengers. The transportation industry has changed since the days when everyone could be seen sporting a walk-man device of some kind. You know… the kind that used to take AA batteries.

Nowadays most Arrow coaches come with outlets on board, so rather than batteries, you can charge all of your devices… phone, mp3, laptop, tablet or portable dvd player. There is no need for a set number of tracks, or a mix tape. Streaming audio, constant contact with social media and staying in touch with the outside world is all possible with WIFI equipped Arrow coaches.

Members of this poll also mentioned a reliable, safe piece of transportation equipment. Reliability and safety have always been a top priority, but with advancements in technology, and Arrow’s passion to be on the cutting edge of safety devices and technology, those concerns are fading further into the past.

To our valued customers, we thank you for many years of support and we look forward to serving you as we move further into the future of transportation! (without our walk-mans)