Hero Project

Supporting Good Causes With Every Bus Rental

Hero Project – Driving Change, Ending Trafficking

At Arrow Stage Lines, we are deeply committed to ending human trafficking in America—a crime that disguises itself as modern-day slavery, affecting millions globally. Human traffickers use manipulation, violence, and deceit to exploit their victims for forced labor and commercial sex. In the U.S. and Canada alone, thousands are ensnared in these brutal networks.

Understanding the crucial role the transportation industry plays, Arrow Stage Lines, in partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), has launched the Hero Project. We recognize that our daily operations grant us a unique opportunity to serve as vigilant observers on the front lines of this global fight. Our drivers and staff traverse extensive routes, visit numerous venues, and engage with diverse populations, positioning us ideally to spot and report potential trafficking situations.

Our Approach:

1. Training & Education: We ensure every member of our team is educated to recognize the signs of human trafficking and empowered to take appropriate action. This training transforms our workforce from passive bystanders into active disruptors of human trafficking.

2. Partnership with TAT: By joining forces with TAT, we amplify our impact. TAT’s extensive network and expertise in mobilizing the transportation sector are invaluable in our shared mission to educate, equip, and inspire industry professionals.

Impact on the Ground:

Bus stations and services inadvertently play a dual role in human trafficking; while traffickers sometimes use buses to transport victims, these nodes can also serve as escape routes for those seeking freedom. Studies show that 42% of trafficking survivors were transported using buses during their ordeal. Our staff’s presence and vigilance at these critical junctures can make a life-changing difference.

Join Us in the Fight:

Every interaction at a bus station or during a journey has the potential to be a lifeline for someone in distress. By choosing Arrow Stage Lines, our customers actively support an organization that goes beyond transportation—we’re committed to safeguarding and improving lives. Join us in making a stand against human trafficking. Together, we can drive change and create a safer world for all.