Travel With Confidence

There are a world of providers out there and so many different options that can make or break your experience. So we had our expert team of consultants at Arrow Nationwide Ground Logistics work up a few questions you should always be asking when searching for ground transportation.


How many people can travel in a vehicle?

This may seem like a pretty simple question, but will all the details, this is sometimes over looked. You want to make sure the vehicle fits your entire group or maybe you want a smaller vehicle.

A smaller vehicle can come in handy when you are traveling in areas with sharp turns, parked cars or just an area that is harder to navigate with large equipment but one limitation of a smaller vehicle may be luggage space

Asking this question will help enhance your experience.


Does the price include gratuity?

Not all companies are the same and some states have different laws. This question helps you make sure there are no surprise charges on your bill.


Will the driver be able to handle our entire trip?

This question will make you look like a travel pro! There are federal rules and regulations that prohibit operators from exceeding hours of service or specific distances.  By asking this question you avoid the surprise stop because the driver is out of time for the day.


What are some of your on-board amenities?

You want to be comfortable, so of course you want it all! Checking with your provider to ensure there is a restroom, microphone, DVD player or whatever else your group would need, is a great question. Plus, who doesn’t love WIFI when traveling.


Call an Arrow Stage Lines office in any of our 13 nationwide locations and they would be happy to answer all these questions for you.  If you are traveling outside an area, call ANGL, Arrow Nationwide Ground Logistics. The ANGL team will make sure you are covered!