The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE

Henry-Doorly-Zoo-with-Arrow-Stage-Lines-3If you want to educate children about the beauty of the natural world and all the amazing creatures out there, then there is simply no better way than to show real, live animals close up. At the Henry Doorly Zoo there is so much for children to see, explore and learn from (and adults love it too)! The zoo is organised into many diverse and fascinating sections that are dedicated to displaying different animals in recreations of their natural habitats – each enclosure is amazing to look around, and really gives a sense of where each creature comes from.
There are also many excellent zoo-run classes suitable for all ages – different visitor groups are catered for in special age-appropriate lessons. The first level is Fledgling School, which is perfect for pre-schoolers. The next groupings are for children aged 4 -5 years, then ages 6 – 8 years, ages 9 – 12 years, and for older children aged 13 – 18 years there are separate classes. Additionally, there are also over-18 / adult classes and family classes to enjoy. As each class is targeted at a specific age group you can be sure that everyone will learn at the right level.
Henry Doorly Zoo with Arrow Stage LinesThe Henry Doorly Zoo also boasts a fine aquarium (inside the zoo) which offers visitors a wonderful & fun look at underwater life. This is an always-popular attraction where children and adults alike can gaze at the incredibly diverse and fascinating life in the seas & oceans that surround us.
Another very popular attraction is the African Lion Cubs. These cute creatures are delightful to watch as they play and learn, growing bigger and more impressive all the time. Their parents are equally fascinating, if for rather different reasons: They are powerful, regal and can be terrifying!
The Henry Doorly Zoo also has an Imax cinema where you can watch super-high-resolution documentaries and movies all about wildlife in even more detail.
If you are travelling as a group there are discounts available – this will make your trip even more worthwhile. There is plenty of parking space for coaches, which is ideal when you are going to the zoo as an educational visit. So if you want to have a really fun day out and learn lots at the same the Henry Doorly Zoo is a truly wonderful destination.
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