The Governor’s Mansion in Lincoln, NE

The Governor’s Mansion in Lincoln, NE - Arrow Stage LinesThe Governor’s Mansion in Lincoln is the perfect setting for a really interesting day out revolving around politics and history, making it a great choice for older students, political-enthusiasts and history buffs alike. The mansion is a proud Georgian Colonial building that has been gradually modified over the years since it was built back in 1957. Although it is still the official residence of the Governor of Nebraska, it is a popular attraction and you can enjoy well-organised and informative guided tours of the building.
The Governor’s Mansion was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008 which means that it has a protected status and so cannot be altered or knocked down. Tours of this impressive 31-room mansion are scheduled every half hour, but only on Thursday afternoons. So if you want to guarantee your place on a tour you should definitely book in advance. As you can imagine, this is even more important if you are planning a visit with a group.
Once on the tour, you will be shown the inside of the mansion. Prepare to be astounded by the stunning architecture of this remarkable building. In one of the rooms there is a great doll collection, which includes the state’s first ladies wearing their inaugural gowns. This is both interesting and fun, one of the many unexpected but pleasant little touches around the mansion.
So if you wish to learn more about the political history of the State of Nebraska, the Governor’s Mansion in Lincoln is a fantastic place to visit and will be enjoyed by all who come.
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