Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art: Immerse Yourself in Contemporary Culture at SMoCA

Art lovers and students alike will want to take a trip to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) to enjoy the exhibitions, the SMoCA Lounge and to be a part of one of the many performances that are held there. The SMoCA works hard to bring a mixture of contemporary art to its visitors and this really shows through in the layout of the building and the exhibitions that are chosen. The SMoCA is open 7 days per week and each Thursday visitors will be able to benefit from free entry.
The SMoCA is not just dedicated to contemporary art; it also celebrates architecture and stunning design, making it the ideal place for budding designers to visit. The exhibitions that have run in the SMoCA include: ‘The Most of’ Lit Lounge which is held on stage in the Lit Lounge and features performances Shaz Bennett, Kim Potter, Molly McCloy and many more, the Summer Opening Celebration which is a free event held once per year to showcase new exhibitions and Edible Stories which is an interesting look at the world of food and its place in our culture.
If you are the kind of person who likes to explore different themes and ideas within art and design you will get a lot from a visit to SMoCA. You will love the laid back and relaxed atmosphere which encourages thought and creativity. If this is a place you have never thought of going to before it is time to get it on your ‘To visit’ list.
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