Phoenix Zoo: Let the Kids go Wild! (Phoenix, AZ)

Phoenix Zoo: Let the Kids go Wild! (Phoenix, AZ) - Arrow Stage LinesEveryone knows that kids love animals, and at the Phoenix Zoo they can meet many different fascinating species from around the world, join in with various activities, learn about animals, play and have fun, and so much more. The zoo is perfect for large or small groups and is suitable for all ages. It is open 7 days per week which means that you can go there whenever you like.
The animal exhibits include the Monkey Village where you can watch the monkeys having fun with each other, see the animals of the desert, get up close with giraffes, pet animals in the Petting Zoo, visit Stingray Bay where you can see these creatures underwater, take a look at some endangered species and learn about conservation and lots more.
Phoenix Zoo: Let the Kids go Wild! (Phoenix, AZ) - Arrow Stage LinesOnce you have taken a look at the animal exhibits there is still plenty to do. There are three playgrounds to choose from including Yakulla Caverns, or why not test your nerve with a Wild Walk, take a Safari Train and see animals in closer detail or go on the Endangered Species Carousel.
In addition to all of these regular exhibits there are events that are held at certain times during the year and these allow children to take an in depth look at various animals and learn about conservation. The Phoenix Zoo is also the perfect place to host a birthday party and there are different packages to choose from. With so much on offer you really need to take your children to visit the Phoenix Zoo as they will love it.
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