Packing for a bus trip? Here are some tips on what to bring.

Traveling by motorcoach is one of the easiest ways to travel! You have your very own professional driver chauffeuring you to your destinations, leaving you with the luxury of time to enjoy the scenery, read about the attractions you will visit, or make a new friend!  No dealing with traffic in busy cities or determining where to stop, because you can just sit back and enjoy while your driver takes care of it for you.  

If you have not travelled on a motorcoach before, and don’t know what to expect, we can help you!

Are you wondering how you will pass time on a long trip?

– Bring you ear buds and your favorite play list, audiobook, or podcast to listen to on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop
– Watch movies, videos, or stay current with social media on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop
– Read a book or travel magazines about the places you will be visiting
– Journal your travel experience and document with the photos you take
– Bring a hobby like writing, braiding, crocheting, embroidering, or sketching
– A deck of cards, crossword , Sudoku, or Seek-a-word puzzles can help pass the time away
– Remember to bring your chargers or a power bank to ensure your electronics are always charged

Are you wondering how to make your ride more comfortable?

– Bring a sweater or a light jacket to wear when you get off at the planned stops
– Bring a light blanket in case the temperature on the bus is cooler than you prefer or to cover up with for a nap
– If sleeping on the bus, bring a travel pillow
– Bring comfortable clothes and shoes appropriate for your destinations
– Check the weather to ensure you pack accordingly
– Bring your sunglasses to help with the glare of the sun or to cover your eyes while trying to take a nap during the day
– In addition to your medications, bring antacids and ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc., in case they are needed during your trip

Wondering what happens if you get hungry between stops?

– You can bring snacks!
– You can purchase snacks along the way to save for later (bring some cash if you plan to purchase snacks at a rest area, not all accept credit cards)
– Bring your water bottle to help stay hydrated. You can refill at scheduled stops.

– Bring hand sanitizer or wipes to help keep your hands clean and keep yourself healthy!

We hope these tips help you!  We want you to enjoy your trip as much as we do!



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