Orpheum Theater: Take in a show at Omaha’s Historic Auditorium

Orpheum Theater: Take in a show at Omaha's Historic Auditorium - Arrow Stage LinesThe Orpheum Theater in Omaha is steeped in history, which is why so many people want to pay a visit when they are in the area. The site of the theater was first used as a branch of the US Army headquarters before being opened in 1898 as the Creighton Orpheum, the name was then shortened to The Orpheum. After a 1927 fire, the building was rebuilt at a cost of $2 million, and in 2002 the theatre was renovated back to its former glory. It is in these stunning and opulent surroundings that visitors can enjoy theatrical performances ranging from family shows to serious dramas.
Just stepping into the Orpheum Theater makes you feel as though you have travelled back in time. From the highly decorated walls and ceiling of the Grand Lobby through to Slosberg Hall, which is the main auditorium to the Ticket Omaha Box Office you will be astounded at the care which has gone into restoring this theater. In fact such care has been taken that out of all of the fixtures, fittings and decorative items, 85% of them are originals which have been in the building for almost 100 years.
Orpheum Theater: Take in a show at Omaha's Historic Auditorium - Arrow Stage LinesInside the theater you can spend a little time in the Weaver Lounge before watching one of the performances. Here you can sample the complimentary beer, soft drinks, wine and refreshments before heading into the main auditorium in time for the show. There is ample parking which makes this venue perfect for anyone who is travelling by coach. In addition to being able to go to The Orpheum Theater to watch performances it is also possible to hire some of the rooms for events such as weddings.
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