On-Board Innovation

Arrow Stage Lines has announced the release of Arrow Connect, available to customers at the end of the August, 2014. Arrow Connect is Arrow Stage Lines’ most recent step to enhance the customer experience and stay on top as one of the industry’s recognized innovation leaders.

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“At Arrow we are always looking for new ways to enhance the customer experience. We are frequently acknowledged as an innovation leader, but we recognize the need to continue to develop the customer experience and Arrow has taken the necessary steps to moving resources, talent and technology into these areas of development,” said Luke Busskohl, COO of Arrow Stage Lines.

Arrow has been on the upward trend of the on-board WIFI movement, but recently decided to take the idea of mobile accessibility, connectivity and entertainment one step further. According to Luke, the company has been working to develop an enhanced technology customer experience for over the past year. Arrow Connect is a package that provides customers with onboard outlets and power access for charging devices and includes secure wireless internet access. Arrow has even developed a robust portal system that allows users to access games, social media, news, stocks and more, all from one page.

Luke outlined, Arrow Connect is still in its infancy, and Arrow has plans to continue the development of Arrow Connect with more user-friendly features and options.

“We are excited to release Arrow Connect to our customers. I can see this being a focal-point of innovation for Arrow Stage Lines for years to come,” said Luke.

Arrow Connect will be available at the end of August for customers to being using on trips all across the nation, exclusively with Arrow Stage Lines.

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