Motorcoach Council/Pepsi Grant Press release

Please find the linked press release from the Motorcoach Council (Arrow Stage Lines is a founding member of the motorcoach council) regarding the $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Everything grant. This is an exciting opportunity for the motorcoach industry!!
Please consider the ways YOU CAN HELP us get the word out and get everyone you know to vote for our idea on the Pepsi website each day in October. You can prepare for this event by putting a reminder in your calendar, and then beginning October 1st set a reminder to vote daily.
In the meantime, spread the word to your employees, friends, customers, industry contacts, etc. to promote this program —perhaps you can post the  attached flyer in a break room bulletin board, on your intranet and/or internet websites, you can send email reminders, texts, etc. Even your family, friends, affinity group/club members and kids can vote for us daily! Anyone can vote. The same person can even cast more than one vote on any given day if you use a different computer/IP address each time.
Go viral – use Social Media Outlets to promote the contest: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, phone, text, email broadcasts (to staff, members, customers) etc.
This is a large sum of money $$ we could win if we promote it well, and the industry doesn’t write a single check. We simply volunteer our time and resources to spread the word.
Pepsi grant flyer
Pepsi Grant Press Release