The Longest Bus Journey in the World

Most of us have experienced what we may have thought was a lengthy and laborious bus journey at some point or another. However, what you may have classed as a long bus journey is nothing compared to some of the bus journeys that people have had to endure.
If you get restless on long bus journeys, you will only be able to imagine what the people on the world’s longest bus journey must have felt like. According to the Guinness World Records the longest bus journeys in the world took place in 1988 and departed from London in England.

A red London Double Decker bus.

The longest bus journey – Thompson, Weston, and Steel

Hughie Thompson, Richard Steel, and John Weston decided to embark on the monster of all bus journeys in 1988 – a journey that took them over a year to complete. The three men who were all from the UK travelled on a London Double Decker bus across 18 countries and covered over 54,000 miles. They set out in November 1988 from London and finally arrived back in the English capital in December 1989.
As part of their mammoth bus journey, the three men travelled to Copenhagen from London. They then went on to Hamburg, Milan and Istanbul. Next, their London bus took them to Dubai after which they headed to Lahore, Bombay and Singapore. Next came the Australian cities of Perth and Sydney which were followed by Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. From here they headed back to England’s Liverpool and finally back to London.

The Longest Bus Journey in the World - Arrow Stage Lines

Sydney, Australia

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