Joslyn Castle in the Gold Coast Historic District of Omaha – Get there in style!

Joslyn Castle in the Gold Coast Historic District of Omaha – Get there in style! - Arrow Stage LinesJoslyn Castle in Omaha has that wonderful combination of old-world charm & grace and a splendor that is truly hard to match. This stunning venue is the perfect location for many types of events including weddings and parties. The building itself a fantastic example of the standard of luxury & extravagance that the seriously affluent crowd aspired to achieve in the early twentieth century. The castle was built by Sarah and George Joslyn and they were among some of the richest folk in the area at the time Joslyn Castle was built in 1903. Surrounding the castle are its gardens, which are a mixture of traditional and exotics plants. These beautifully appointed gardens stand as a testament to the Joslyn’s determination to create a building that was uniquely theirs, and thankfully now visitors can come along enjoy it for themselves.
The best way to get to the castle is to travel in comfort and style with Arrow Stage Lines. You will be able to book your transport and then relax as someone else takes care of getting you there. As the grounds of the castle are huge there is plenty of space to park, which means that you will not have to walk far to gain entry.
If you are visiting the castle as part of a group and not for an event you should take one of the tours that are available. These are so full of information and provide a fantastic insight into how the castle was built, its history and more about the couple whose dream it was to build it exactly as they wanted it.
If you would like to bring your groups to the Joslyn Castle, Arrow Stage Lines will take you there and back in comfort and safety. Contact us here to Book a Motorcoach today.