How to Choose the Best Motorcoach for Your Needs

Nowadays, many kinds of motorcoaches exist. As you start looking through the various options, you can easily become lost or confused regarding which motorcoach is best for you. To find the right vehicle, it’s important to take a look at your unique situation and needs.

This helpful guide will walk you through the various factors involved in how to choose a motorcoach option.

Steps for Picking a Motorcoach 

Breaking down the process into different parts will help you make an effective decision when shopping for a motorcoach. Identifying the function of the motorcoach, crafting a budget and considering characteristics such as size and comfort will help you make the right choice.

1. Identify the Function

Be sure to think about why you need a motorcoach. If you need a motorcoach for an athletic team, you’ll need enough room to create space for passengers, equipment and gear. For a wedding party, you might want to find something that’s elegant, comfortable and offers additional features.

2. Craft Your Budget

Be sure you outline your budget before you start looking. While it doesn’t need strict limits, having a general idea of what you can afford will give you some parameters to work with and speed the process along.

3. Consider Various Characteristics 

Determining the function of your motorcoach and finding a budget are two great ways to help narrow down your search. From there, you can start thinking about more specific characteristics such as size, comfort and added features:

  • Size: One of the most important aspects you’ll want to consider is how big you want your charter bus to be. Are you aiming for something on the smaller side or looking for something that can comfortably hold a group? Typically, it’s best to find something that’s on the larger side so that you can reliably fit everyone.
  • Comfort: More space means more room to relax and have privacy. If you’re planning for a long trip in the vehicle, a spacious charter bus could be the perfect option for your team.
  • Features: Consider whether you’ll be wanting any added features on your motorcoach. Many features, such as overhead racks, air conditioning and heating and restrooms will come included as standard features, but you may have to upgrade to get something like WiFi.

Paying close attention to characteristics such as size, comfort and unique amenities can help you figure out which charter bus will be right for you.

4. Find the Right Company

Even if you find all the right characteristics and functionality for your situation, your motorcoach will still only be as good as the company you work with to charter it. For that reason, it’s essential to take your time and find a company that will make your purchase worth it. With the right company, you’ll be confident in the decision you make and know you’ll be investing in a motorcoach that’s safe, clean and reliable.

Look for companies that offer motorcoaches with standard features like reclining seats, legroom, reading lights, restrooms and options for upgrades. Make sure the company you find is committed to safety and cleanliness and that their drivers are experienced and well-trained.

Pros of Getting a Big Charter Bus 

One of the most significant decisions you’ll have to make when choosing your charter bus is how big you want it to be. While it may seem economical to go with the smaller option, many customers are often glad when they choose the more spacious option.

One of the best options size-wise that we offer at Arrow Stage Lines is the 54 Passenger Motorcoach, which offers an array of benefits:

  • Extra room: The most obvious advantage of a 54 Passenger Motorcoach is that will give you unparalleled room. Passengers will be impressed and grateful they have room to rest and sit comfortably during their journey.
  • Added comfort: Many larger charter buses often come with more comfort by offering more spacious legroom and space to relax. If you know your team will like that added comfort, then a 54 Passenger Motorcoach may be the perfect choice for you.
  • Enhanced features: Larger charter buses also allow you to get more enhanced features for the journey — bigger screens, WiFi and more that will make the trip even better.

Extra room, added comfort and enhanced features are all reasons why choosing a big charter bus is a great option for you. Again, it’s better to err on the larger side when you invest in a charter bus so that you know you’ll have enough space for everyone.

Which Charter Bus Should I Get?

Ultimately, the decision to rent a charter bus will come down to the factors involved with your unique situation. You can use the information above to narrow down your choices and make an educated choice you can be confident in.

Be sure to identify the function of your motorcoach, craft a budget and take a look at various characteristics, such as size, comfort and features. A quality charter bus that suits your needs will also depend on where you’re getting it. Make sure you’re working with a reputable, trusted company that will offer you a vehicle that lives up to your expectations.

Contact Arrow Stage Lines Today

Arrow Stage Lines is here to help you with all of your charter bus needs. We offer a wide selection of charter bus options, from our smaller motorcoaches like the 16 Passenger Executive to the more spacious 54 Passenger Motorcoach. We serve all different industries and functions, including:

  • Athletics
  • Corporate events
  • Crisis management
  • Hotel, resort and casino transportation
  • Group charters 
  • School and church transportation
  • Weddings
  • Tour operators 
  • Government and military
  • Conventions and meetings

No matter your needs, Arrow Stage Lines can offer you transportation with comfort, quality and additional features. We make sure our drivers have extensive training so that you can enjoy a safe trip. We’re also committed to keeping our motorcoaches clean and well-kept for all of our customers.

Work with Arrow Stage Lines to find a motorcoach that suits your needs. Get a quote today!



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