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Motorcoach Tours. It’s What We Do.

The thousands of miles that our Arrow Stage Lines’ motorcoaches travel daily, can be attributed to motorcoach tours. It‚Äôs what we do.

Benefits of a Charter bus for Tour Groups

Whether you’re going on a day trip with a church group or traveling overnight on a school trip, you can trust Arrow Stage Lines for a fun and safe experience. Our motorcoaches for tour groups are comfortable and clean to enhance the overall travel experience. In addition to excellent customer service, there are many other reasons to book a charter bus for tour groups:

  • Safe and secure transportation:¬†Our drivers receive hours of training, and we’ll limit access to the bus for your security.
  • Choose where you travel:¬†Whether you decide to stick to your itinerary or take a detour, our drivers can easily accommodate any travel need.
  • Reliable transportation:¬†Arrive where you need to go on time without the risk of cancellation or delays.
  • Comfortable seats:¬†All our charter buses for tours feature roomy reclining seats with adjustable footrests and are climate-controlled for maximum comfort.¬†
  • We handle it all:¬†Typically, during group travel, someone or several people are in charge of looking for parking, watching the clock and making sure everyone arrives safely. With a luxury tour group bus rental from Arrow Stage Lines, your driver will handle these details so you can sit back and enjoy your trip with everyone else.
  • Avoid travel hassles:¬†Since your group will travel on one motorcoach throughout the entire trip, there’s no need to worry about missed flight connections or lost bags. Additionally, there won’t be a TSA checkpoint, so guests can bring the supplies they need without worry. Cellphones and other devices won’t interfere with the performance of the bus, allowing passengers to stay connected at all times.
  • Travel in high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes:¬†Traveling in a group on a bus allows your driver access to the HOV lane, which may reduce the risk of getting stuck in traffic.
  • Cost-effective travel:¬†When you book motorcoaches for tour groups, you can share the cost of the trip with other passengers for a cost-effective way to travel.
  • Environmentally friendly:¬†Traveling together on one motorcoach puts fewer vehicles on the road and lowers your carbon footprint.

What People Say

“We were on the road for 14 days with Arrow. The bus was excellent, the driver competent and friendly. I can only recommend this company!”

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Tour Operators with Arrow

Customer satisfaction is vital to our success at Arrow Stage Lines. From choosing the right bus for your group and trip to planning a route, Arrow Stage Lines will work with you to ensure every detail meets your needs. Our stylish buses also feature huge picture windows, allowing guests to enjoy the scenery around them. All of our drivers undergo continual training to ensure passengers are safe on every trip.

Ranked as a 2019 top provider in the North American portfolio by the Globus Family of Brands, Arrow Stage Lines has extensive experience providing top-tier service to large and small tour operators across the nation. At Arrow, we understand your transportation needs: on-time service, superior safety, and performance at the highest standard.

Arrow’s safety record out-performs 95% of other carriers nationwide and Arrow is the nation’s only top provider to extend you our On-Time Promise. You could book over 130 charters with Arrow Stage Lines and never experience a breakdown of any kind due to our first-class maintenance program. Arrow provides 12 nationwide locations and exceptional industry affiliations to enhance our elite maintenance performance.

With a 99% clean equipment rating, 97% customer satisfaction rating and robust vehicle options and features, Arrow Stage Lines recognizes what matters to you. We have you covered for every step of your journey.

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