Fashion, Renewable Energy, and Arrow Stage Lines Motorcoaches

Vietnamese super model and show producer, Jessica Mihn Ahn, who stages spectacular catwalks all across the world, made the Hoover Dam in Nevada her catwalk on June 26th, 2017. Over the past years, Jessica Mihn Ahn has created catwalks on the Eiffel Tower, Grand Canyon, and London’s Tower Bridge. Her passion is to bring together fashion with culture, art, and specifically renewable energy. The Hoover Dam was on the top of her list for the 2017 J Summer Fashion Show.

Arrow Stage Lines was a proud partner of Jessica Minh Ahn’s J Summer Fashion Show at the Hoover Dam. Two of Arrow’s motorcoaches were with the 10 models and over 50 crew that were involved in making this spectacular event happen.

“Arrow Stage Lines was very proud to be a part of such a significant event put on by Jessica Minh Anh and her team.” said Arrow Stage Lines COO, Luke Busskohl. “It was a great opportunity to showcase some of our best motorcoaches on such a significant platform. We are very fascinated by the iconic style and fashion of Jessica Minh Anh, and her innovation and charm in the fashion industy are spectacular. It really does emulate what Arrow Stage Lines is doing in the motorcoach industry.”

The catwalk was all about combining fashion and renewable energy, and motorcoach transportation is at the top of the list for being green. Motorcoach transportation on average takes about 40 cars off of the road per motorcoach. This is a significant number if you bring into effect the amount of greenhouse gases that each car produces. That is why some say that motorcoach transportation is the most economically effective way to travel.

“With over 250 vehicles in our fleet, we have the opportunity to take over 13,500 vehicles off of the road every single day;” said Arrow Stage Lines CEO, Steve Busskohl. “After winning the Green Spirit Award in 2016, it really displayed all of the hard work that our team has put in to becoming the most economically friendly motorcoach company in the nation.”

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