What Event Planners Gain by Using Luxury Motorcoach Services

Event planners are very detailed people. They take extraordinary care that every detail of an event is planned for¬†‚ÄĒ¬†nothing is left to chance. Sometimes, event planners use an offsite resource for entertainment or as part of the event itself. This requires that they arrange for transportation between the event site and wherever attendees or their guests are scheduled to visit.

While car rentals, car services and private autos can be helpful, if an event planner wants to keep the group together, the best option is to charter a luxury motorcoach.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Motorcoach?

Luxury motorcoach charters are among the most efficient ways to travel. Following are some of the most important benefits of chartering motorcoaches.


Luxury motorcoach hires are the safe way to move people for a number of reasons. Your Arrow Stage Lines motorcoach operator has experience driving in all types of weather conditions and road conditions. Every driver is steadfast in their determination to have their passengers arrive at their destination safely and on time.

Letting motorcoach drivers do the driving gives your attendees more time to network, socialize or even catch some sleep. Every one of Arrow motorcoaches is maintained and checked for safety before leaving our premises to collect your guests for their trip. In 2017, Arrow Stage Lines had a safety record that was over 96% better than competing charter motorcoach lines.


When you must be somewhere at a certain time, Arrow Stage Lines gets you there. In 2017, Arrow Stage Lines and its passengers enjoyed an on-time performance record of more than 97%. Did you know that Arrow Stage Lines is the only charter company in the United States that offers an on-time guarantee?

Arrow Stage Lines can offer a quality charter bus for event planners that they can rely on.

Travel in Luxury

Every charter from Arrow Stage Lines enjoys a standard package of features that make for a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Each motorcoach is outfitted with:

  • PA Systems
  • Spacious, Reclining Seats
  • Foot Rests¬†With Adjustment Settings
  • Reading Lights¬†For Individuals
  • Roomy¬†Restrooms
  • Overhead Racks
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Huge, Clear-Vision, Tinted, Picture Windows
  • Large, Durable¬†Luggage Compartments
  • Audio/Video Equipment
  • Wi-Fi
  • Outlets
  • Robust A/V Equipment

    Sustainable Travel

    In 2012, the University of Vermont founded the Certification for Sustainable Travel. The purpose of this certification is to promote and improve economic, environmental and energy sustainability in the passenger transportation industry. Arrow Stage Line drivers are certified and maintain their eRating certifications for Sustainable Travel. The program seeks to promote the use of transportation options that:

    • Reduce greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions.
    • Increase energy efficiency.
    • Utilize alternative fuels and innovative technologies.


    One of the most important benefits of hiring a motorcoach is the convenience it offers. With all of the various aspects of the event to think about, it’s essential for event planners to find ways to delegate tasks. Delegating travel is one way to make an event planner’s life easier.

    Put the ride to the party in the hands of an experienced company that can deliver luxury convenience. It’s an easy and effective way to make the event run smoothly while also taking some stress off an event planner’s shoulders.

    You can forget trying to organize various rides to and from the event and scrambling to get enough cars for everyone. A motorcoach is a universal solution that can take your guests where you need to go. Find charter buses for event planners today at Arrow Stage Lines.

    Keeping Everything Running

    Being safe and running on time is of extreme importance. That is why Arrow Stage Lines developed its Elite Maintenance Program. Thanks to this innovative maintenance program, Arrow Stage Lines motorcoaches travel more than 60,000 miles without a mechanical disruption. If one of our motorcoaches does have a delay, it is usually less than 70 minutes. Members of the Arrow maintenance team have over 13 years of experience in passenger coach maintenance and have been with Arrow for 4.3 years on average.

    How Arrow Can Help

    At Arrow Stage Lines, we’re committed to giving our customers the best experience possible. From the cleanliness of our vehicles to our commitment to customer satisfaction, you’ll find plenty of benefits when you work with Arrow Stage Lines:

    • Reliability:¬†You can expect us to be on time and ready to help your event run smoothly. In previous years we’ve operated with a¬†97% on-time performance record, which highlights our commitment to punctuality.
    • Experience:¬†Our drivers go through a rigorous training process to prepare them to be on the roads. To be certified, they must complete over¬†90 hours of training¬†and education, along with a number of ongoing courses. We make sure that our drivers are ready so that we can give you a safe and enjoyable ride.
    • Clean equipment:¬†When anyone steps into our charter buses, they experience a clean, organized environment where they can feel comfortable. We make sure our motorcoaches are always in great shape and portray our company well.
    • Customer satisfaction:¬†The history of Arrow Stage Lines is filled with customers who are satisfied with their choice to work with us. From our¬†many positive reviews¬†to our 98% customer satisfaction rate, we’ve proven that we know what it takes to offer a great experience.

    Arrow Stage Lines offers charter buses and motorcoaches for event planners so that they can put some of the planning in the hands of an experienced company. For reliability, cleanliness, experience and proven customer satisfaction, work with Arrow. Book your next event or trip with Arrow Stage Lines today!