This Is More Than A Driving Job

Arrow Stage Lines is hiring, but not just for any job. Arrow Stage Lines is looking for talented individuals looking to travel, escape and go on an adventure. This is the main reason Arrow Stage Lines developed an entirely new website designed for those who are looking to travel and get paid! It’s called and it is all about the amazing opportunities that Arrow Stage Lines’ motorcoach drivers get to experience, every day. This is more than just a driving job. 

Luke, who started with the company as a motorcoach driver, reflected on this unique type of career. 

Luke Busskohl

“This truly is more than just another driving job,” said Arrow Stage Lines’ COO, Luke Busskohl. “This is an opportunity to travel to some of our nation’s most treasured destinations, or work with some amazing groups, teams and events, all while being paid. I have been to so many destinations and met so many people I would never have met otherwise.” 

Driving adventure is all about the journey, but a big difference is a motorcoach driver is paid regardless if they are sitting or enjoying the sites, shows or events with their group

Pauline Pedroza

“It really is the best of both worlds,” said Arrow Stage Lines’ HR Director, Pauline Pedroza. “Our motorcoach drivers can work a few days a month, or be gone for months at a time, and the entire time they are on a trip, they are being paid.” 

Arrow Stage Lines’ drivers don’t just stay in any hotel; they stay where their group stays. According to long-time Arrow Stage Lines’ motorcoach driver Jerry Shelton, “I have stayed in some of the nicest hotels.” The hotel accommodations are covered by the company, along with the meals. 

Arrow Stage Lines offers amazing benefits including 401k match, health benefits, Ownership Thinking Incentive programs and more. 

Arrow Stage Lines currently has a few positions open throughout the nation, visit to learn more and contact HR today. 

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This is more than just a driving job, #driveadventure