A College World Series Tradition Rooted in Excellence

NCAA baseball teams have one dream all year and that is to make it to the greatest show on dirt. The College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska is full of tradition and it truly is a dream come true for all college baseball teams. When a team makes it to the CWS, you never know when you’re flight home may be. One thing is for certain though, Arrow Stage Lines will be there with you through it all.

Arrow Stage Lines has been providing charter bus transportation for incoming teams for decades. When teams arrive, they are welcomed with world class motorcoaches. One thing that Arrow Stage Lines makes sure of is that returning teams always have their Arrow Stage Lines’ driver of choice. This is a way that they create special relationships with the motorcoach operators and they feel extra comfortable with who they’re riding with.

“When the CWS comes around every year, you can feel the mood change in the office,” said Arrow Stage Lines’ Corporate Operations and Marketing Specialist, Alex Busskohl. “The excitement around the CWS at our Omaha office is very fun. This year we had a CWS theme day, we all filled out brackets, and enjoyed talking with the drivers of the different teams.”

Arrow Stage Lines provides athletic charter bus transportation to collegiate teams all across the country, and when teams arrive and see a beautiful Arrow motorcoach waiting for them, it seems as if they know they are in good hands. Arrow Stage Lines has played a role in the CWS for decades and there are many reasons they are the chosen transportation provider.

The first being superior safety performance. Arrow Stage Lines award-winning superior safety is better than 96% of other charter bus carriers across the nation. This is a big deal in the eyes of the NCAA. Excellent equipment, well-trained drivers, and an elite maintenance program are all factors as well.

Arrow Stage Lines charter bus drivers all take on the personality of the team over the course of the event. For some teams this can 2 weeks in duration, so they make sure their driver is well taken care of and treated as a part of the team.

“Not only are the NCAA CWS teams trying to stay focused during this exciting time of year,” said Arrow Stage Lines COO, Luke Busskohl. “At our Omaha office, we hold specific operations meetings regarding the CWS and how to handle this event with world class service.”

Skip Stern, a seasoned Arrow Stage Lines charter bus driver, was featured in the front page of the Omaha World Herald during opening weekend of this years College World Series. Skip has been involved in driving for the CWS for over 20 years and loves every second of it. “I love the interaction with the coaches and players and how they treat me as a part of their team,” said Skip. Skip has driven multiple national champions, and even has a championship ring to prove it.

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