Most Extreme Buses in the World

To many people, one bus looks pretty much like another. Apart from the numbers and perhaps the colors of the buses based on the destination, many people wouldn’t know one bus from another. However, there can be significant differences between buses, including their size and extravagance.

If you’re looking for a unique bus riding experience, join us on a tour of the world’s biggest, smallest and most luxurious buses.

Biggest and Smallest Busses

Whether large or small, check out these motorcoaches that take their size to the extreme from largest to smallest.

Neoplan Jumbocruiser

The tour starts in Germany with Neoplan Bus GmbH. Though no longer in production, the Neoplan Jumbocruiser still holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest bus in the world. This double-decker coach was 59 feet long, 13 feet high and just over eight feet wide, and could hold up to 170 passengers.

Auto Tram Extra Grand

While you’re in Germany, stick around for a ride on the world’s longest bus, the mammoth AutoTram Extra Grand. At over 100 feet long, this is the longest bus currently in service on the planet, with the capacity to transport 256 passengers. 

This vehicle runs largely on electric power and offers the convenience of a bus with the capacity of a train. Its design consists of three sections, giving it a very distinctive appearance. Initial trials of this giant bus took place in Dresden, and Shanghai and Beijing also placed orders. 


Heading to Los Angeles, your next stop is at BYD Auto Co., Ltd. for a ride on the BYD C10MS. 

At a height of 13.4 feet, the C10MS holds the title for the tallest bus in the world. This fully electric, zero-emissions bus can seat up to 51 passengers and travel as far as 230 miles on a single charge.


If you want to try the world’s smallest bus, head to Italy and board the Tecnobus, part of the urban public transport system. Compared to a regular bus, the Tecnobus looks like a miniature. Compared to the massive AutoTram Extra Grand, it almost looks like a toy.

Most Luxurious Buses

It may seem odd to use the words’ luxury’ and ‘bus’ in the same sentence — in most people’s minds, buses are merely a means of mass transportation. However, buses have come a long way in recent years. As with other types of vehicles, you can now find some fabulous luxury buses around the world.

If you are looking to spot buses with a difference, here are a few that could well be amongst the most luxurious in the world. 

The Vantaré Platinum Plus

Featherlite Coaches in Suffolk, Virginia, produced the Vantaré in 2006. This $2.5 million bus is the epitome of luxury and will change your whole perspective on buses.

Stunning and spacious, this bus has Italian leather, state-of-the-art technology, and beautiful decor to make it stand out from the crowd. You will find everything from king-size beds and plasma TVs to liquor cabinets and designer glassware on this bus, making it more like a luxury apartment on wheels. 

Prince Sultan Bin Fahd of Saudi Arabia

Designed for the prince it was named after, this single-decker bus offers pure, unadulterated beauty and luxury that really is fit for royalty.

The bus comes with a stunning spacious lounge area with gorgeous furnishings, a royal suite for relaxation and kicking back, an incredible bedroom with luxury bed and seating, additional bedrooms and a fabulous bathroom.

Volkner Mobile Performance Bus

Head back to Germany for your final luxury ride, the Volkner Mobil Performance Bus.

This truly amazing bus has it all, with everything from a modern luxury kitchen on board to a built-in garage underneath for your sports car. You can relax in comfort in the stunning living and sleeping areas, enjoy entertainment on your plasma TV and enjoy complete and utter comfort even while driving. 

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