The best bus songs for sing-alongs that everyone will enjoy

When you’re stuck on a bus, particularly on a long journey, it can be difficult to keep yourself amused and make the time pass quickly. However, one way in which you can break the ice, bond with other passengers, and have a fabulous time is with a sing-a-long of great bus songs. As many movies and shows have demonstrated, there is nothing quite like a bus songs sing-a-long to create a wonderful atmosphere – and below are some of the great songs that are just perfect for a bus journey.

Some great bus songs:

  • Journey: Since you’re going to be on a journey, Don’t Stop Believing by the band Journey is a great choice. This is a feel good bus songs that everyone will know and most people love.

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

  • A Thousand Miles: You might be covering a lot of miles on your bus journey, so one of the songs you can opt for is Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles – another feel good song that will help to inject some fun into the journey.

A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

  • The Passenger: If you want to add a little rock atmosphere to the journey, you can try your hand at Iggy Pop’s The Passenger – the perfect choice for bus passengers.

The Passenger – Iggy Pop

  • King of the Road: A real classic for those travelling by road, this song by Roger Miller is a great bus songs to sing as the bus speeds along the road towards your intended destination.

King of the Road – Roger Miller

  • Hit the Road Jack: This is a pretty easy song for most people to get their heads around, even if it’s just remembering the chorus. It’s also a great song considering you will already have hit the road.

Hit the Road Jack – Ray Charles

If you want to make the most of any bus journey, having a good, old fashioned bus song sing-a-long is the perfect way to create some fun, excitement, and atmosphere.
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