Awesome Converted Buses

Buses may be a popular and extremely valuable mode of public transportation but they are also very versatile vehicles that have been used for a number of other purposes. There are some people that have managed to convert the humble bus into something really special, creating something unique and imaginative – converted buses can be whatever you wish!
Some of the converted buses that have been transformed into awesome creations by people with flair and imagination include:

  • The rustic apartment: A 1978 school bus was transformed into something of a rustic apartment, with wooden floors and beams inside, cozy furniture, and even a wood stove for heating.Awesome Converted Buses - Arrow Stage Lines
  • Sandwich bar: With seating for diners, a long bar with stools, and a colorfully decorated interior, an Oregon bus has been transformed into a unique diner serving up grilled cheese sandwiches. Awesome Converted Buses - Arrow Stage Lines
  • The art studio: One ambitious artist decided to be practical and innovative by using an old school bus and converting it into a temporary studio to create his masterpieces.Awesome Converted Buses - Arrow Stage Lines
  • A learning facility: To create valuable space for adult students, one bus was converted into a learning facility with seating, desks, and shelving for books and belongings.Awesome Converted Buses - Arrow Stage Lines
  • Party bus: Having fun with friends in the house isn’t always easy, particularly if you have parents moaning about the noise. One student converted an old bus into a glitzy and glamorous party den, with a bar, games area, and comfy seating to chill with friends.Awesome Converted Buses - Arrow Stage Lines

As you can see, an old bus can be converted to accommodate just about anything, from a studio or classroom to a chill out area. All you need is the resources and imagination to transform one of these vehicles into something completely unique.
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