Arrow Stage Lines Parts Department – Next Level Care

Arrow Stage Lines is known for a lot of things in the motorcoach industry like our superior safety record, our on-time promise, and our elite maintenance team. We have pushed numbers that exceed everyone else in the industry and we have saved clients time and money. A piece of Arrow’s success in the industry is due to our amazing parts department. With over 90 years in business we have been through many vehicles. Whenever there is a new vehicle, there is new parts, and whenever there is new parts, you need more space and more people to control it all. How does this all happen? Well let me tell you.

Our Arrow Stage Lines Parts Department is one of the best in the nation. We currently have 5 full time parts stores across the country that stock over $2,500,000 worth of inventory for our 13 nationwide Arrow Stage Lines locations. We stock and provide parts for every type of motorcoach, including Van Hool, MCI, Setra, Prevost, and Temsa – just to name a few. Every single part that is stocked or ordered for our Arrow Stage Lines motorcoaches are required to be OEM or better. That means everything that is replaced on our motorcoaches is at least a good as new, or better. We have 8 full time parts employees that handle the inventory, shipping, ordering, and handling every single piece of our operation.

Some may wonder how we can keep track of over $2.5 million in inventory plus everything we need to order in. Well, that would be through our parts tracking database. We run a program that accounts for every vehicle – job ticket – and part in our entire company. We control all of our inventory through this system and it works like this.

A shop technician will ask one of our parts team members for a part for a motorcoach. Our parts manager will then search our inventory to see if we have the part available and ready for that motorcoach. If he does have it readily available, he scans it, assigns it to the technician, and then our system instantly knows how correct our inventory. If we do not have the correct part in our system, the parts manager will then order the part, and it will be shipped to the location in less than 24 hours. With this system in place, we are able to track our cost per mile, per vehicle, and we can track service intervals so we can be proactive in our preventative maintenance systems.

At our Arrow Parts Stores, we stock things as small as nuts and bolts all the way up to large bay doors, tires, and radiators. With over 21o motorcoaches constantly on the road, we need to be prepared for everything that comes our way. Parts are a necessity, and our crew is some of the best. With an impressive inventory, elite team members, and a streamlined process, we believe that we have the best parts department in the country.

If you are in need of parts for any motorcoach, new or old, contact us today. We currently have a website where you can search through our old inventory, or you can “request a part” and we will find it for you. Visit today to get started!