Arrow Stage Lines Partners with Western Governors University (WGU) To Offer Scholarships To Employees

Arrow Stage Lines Lives their Key Characteristics of Safe, Humble, Hungry, and Smart. Four simple words can make all the difference in the world!


Safety is our priority! We want our team members to be safe and provide them with safe equipment, policies, procedures, and training, to help ensure they make it home to their loved ones safe and sound.  Humble team members do not think of less of themselves, but they do think of others more often and care for them.  Hungry team members have a thirst to do more and learn more.  Smart team members are “people” smart and are aware of how their words and actions impact others. 

As a company that values our team members, we have a genuine interest in helping them succeed, achieve their goals, and help them fulfil our Key Characteristics. One of the ways we are doing this is through a partnership with Western Governors University (WGU).  With this joint venture, we have created scholarship opportunities for our employees interested in obtaining or completing a business degree.  We want to support those that desire to continue their education, foster their continued growth, and fulfil the Key Characteristic of Hungry.

WGU offers a program that charges a flat rate for a six-month semester program, which allows students to complete as many classes as they can during that time. It is a competency-based learning program, which means it focuses on outcomes and real-world performance. Students progress through the curriculum at their own pace. If it is subject matter they are greatly interested in and understand, they may complete the course quicker than another student. Once a curriculum is mastered, the student moves on to the next course. This allows students to complete more courses in a semester, than what is done in a more traditional academic environment. This is an opportunity for our team members to further their education at a significantly reduced rate and with financial assistance. 

All Arrow team members are eligible to apply for a scholarship opportunity. WGU also offers other sources of financial aid that Arrow employees can apply for, in addition to the scholarship.  The process is simple, but the rewards are significant!



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