Arrow Stage Lines is founding member of The Motorcoach Council

The Motorcoach Council, formerly known as the “Green Operators Motorcoach Council,” began as an informal group of private coach/tour operators who shared a deep-rooted desire for operators across the country to come together with a positive message to promote the industry as a whole, using coordinated marketing campaigns.
Within the first 12 months, the Council successfully generated a “buzz” using word of mouth alone and internal industry exposure of the “Green Operators.”
Albeit a current hot topic, it was determined that the “green” campaign alone did not have the legs to sustain the Council for twenty or more years, and for this reason, the Council decided to modify its name and identity. The Council’s Board of Directors concluded that the green component would remain a strong marketing point in the immediate future, however it would become just one facet of a more thorough marketing awareness campaign for the entire motorcoach industry.
Further market research, in addition to valuable feedback received from our fellow operators and key industry stakeholders revealed that:

A. The motorcoach industry suffers from an identity crisis. We must shift the public’s perception of our industry and promote the “new motorcoach.”
B. We must additionally promote our industry’s competitive edge: we provide a transportation solution that is clean, green, comfortable and safe, while being an exceptional value.
C. Operators recognize the merit in our initiative and have stated they are willing to financially support a program to change public perception of our industry, in an ongoing effort to grow the industry as well as their respective businesses.
D. Aggressive, proactive public relations may be the smartest, most cost-efficient way for the Council to educate and motivate the traveling public about the advantages and conveniences of motorcoach transportation.
E. Individual operator coaches can be used as “rolling billboards” in a national public relations campaign, a cost effective medium to convey our key message points. Our coaches can splash a common, consistent, and coordinated message across the country at a fraction of the cost required to launch and sustain a traditional advertising program.
F. We have a strong presence in our respective local markets, as well as a “positive story to tell” regarding the benefits of motorcoach travel.

The Motorcoach Council is not another trade association. We are instead, a coalition of motorcoach operators, associations, manufacturers, suppliers and travel / tourism friends pulling together for the betterment of the industry as a whole, thus creating increased public awareness and use of coach transportation.
It is our vision that this non-political, grass-roots initiative become the marketing arm of the motorcoach industry, with a focus on the consumer, and that this effort will continue to be led by operators with the full support and engagement of both national associations; the ABA and UMA.
To date, we have the full support of our industry’s national associations: the UMAABA, andMotorcoach Canada, as well as numerous state associations. The Council is not in conflict with any other industry group, such as IMGTrailways or Grayline, or their own efforts to promote our industry and their respective members.
The Motorcoach Council is here to help coordinate these industry-wide efforts.
The Council’s mission and objectives remain clear and concise at this point in time. We have maintained a modest and effective operating budget for our inception, but require resources and capital to bring our ultimate plans to fruition. Without total industry-wide support, we cannot affect the level of change required to shift public perceptions and maintain an ongoing marketing and public relations campaign for our industry. We need your support!
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