Arrow Stage Lines Early 2017 Contributions to Hero Project: Water Charity

Nearly 663 million people around the world go without clean water. That equates to roughly 1 in 10 people worldwide struggle to find one of life’s most basic needs. The water that is available often carries diseases that lead to death. Can you imagine living a life when you have to worry about the water you drink making your sick?

Arrow Stage Lines looked at this problem and decided that they wanted to be apart of the solution. In early 2016, Arrow Stage Lines started a new project called the Hero Project. The project was started to give back to those in need, and Arrow chose Charity Water.

“Generosity for all of us in a business setting means service and focusing on others.” said Arrow Stage Lines President and CEO, Steve Busskohl. “I think our partnership with Charity Water is an amazing place for us as a company to be generous, and it is all thanks to our amazing customers”

Arrow Stage Lines joined this fundraising campaign to help Charity Water build these types of projects around the world. It is easy to make a difference. Simply choose Arrow Stage Lines as your charter bus provider and we will donate funds for every bus rental to help fight the world water crisis.

In 2016, Arrow Stage Lines contributed over $22,000 to its Hero Project. With their sights set on creating a record setting 2017, they sure are off to a great start. With the help from all of Arrow Stage Lines customers, they have been able to give over $10,099 in just the first four months of 2017. This is a record for the company, and they are excited to be where they are today.

“It’s exciting to be apart of such a great initiative,” said Arrow Stage Lines COO, Luke Busskohl. “When we started this, we knew it had the chance to be something great.”

Every time a charter is booked with Arrow Stage Lines, a contribution is automatically made to charity water. To learn more about charity water, click here!

To make a donation, click here!

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