Arrow Stage Lines cleaning procedures

Ready to Ride

The safety of our passengers has always been our top priority. As customers need to charter motorcoaches again, Arrow Stage Lines is ready. We have updated our cleaning programs, so you can feel confident traveling with us any time and every time. We call it our ‚ÄúReady to Ride‚ÄĚ program.

You Go


While we are focused on more frequent cleaning and disinfecting in our own homes, the same is true for preparing our motorcoaches. We complete an intensive cleaning and disinfecting process before and after each trip. Our process includes specific cleaning methods for different areas of the motorcoach, while also paying close attention to highly used areas that include: handrails used for entering and exiting the vehicle, arm rests, driver steering wheel, dash area, head rests, window sills, restroom door handles and hand rails, and baggage door handles.


In addition to intensive cleaning and disinfecting before your trip, Arrow Stage Lines has also invested in Curis Portable Decontamination Systems. The EPA Registered CURIS Decontamination System provides a No-Touch, Whole-Room, Whole-Vehicle delivery system of 7% Hydrogen Peroxide Fog which kills 99.9999% of germs. We have Curis Decontamination systems in each of our primary Arrow Stage Lines’ locations. The units are also mobile and can be set up and used in any vehicle, anywhere, and any at time.

We have accelerated the schedule for use of the Curis Decontamination system in our motorcoaches. The Curis Decontamination system will be used every 120 days at a minimum, in each of our motorcoaches. If a passenger or driver is seen to have flu like symptoms while on a charter, the vehicle we be decontaminated immediately upon return to an Arrow Stage Lines facility.

Your Trip


Our motorcoach operators have been provided the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which included face masks, gloves, and cleaning supplies; to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of germs.  All commonly touches surfaces in our motorcoaches, are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day and again at the end of the day; those high-touch surfaced include, but are not limited to:  passenger tray tables, passenger grab handles, tops of all seats, entrance handrails, arm rests, all restroom surfaces, doors, and handles, passenger lights and air controls, and window ledges.


Arrow Stage Lines has also installed hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance and lavatory areas of the motorcoach. We strongly encourage passengers to remember to sanitize and wash their hands often.


Our motorcoaches are equipped with standard main HVAC MERV 5 or higher filter media.  These filters capture respiratory droplets, including those associated with the Covid-19 virus.  Current CDC guidance also recommends maximum fresh air exchanges, which our motorcoaches meet this recommendation by providing a minimum of six (6) fresh air exchanges per hour (once every 10 minutes) and roof vents that can be manually opened to increase fresh air flow into the vehicle.  These measures, combined with wearing a mask, social distancing on the vehicles, and the air circulation, make motorcoaches a safe and efficient form of travel.