Arrow Stage Lines Dedicated to a Better Future

Arrow Stage Lines, founded in 1928, in Norfolk, NE, has remained focused on providing safe, reliable transportation for over 85 years. The company continues to make strides in improving safety by leveraging technology, and a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Not only does the company remain true to its core, but it has been quietly making an impact on the world we live in.  

Luke Busskohl

“We feel it is our duty to help make the world a better place for years to come,” said Arrow Stage Lines’ COO Luke Busskohl. “We try and make a positive impact for the future of our world through a number of different initiatives.” 

Motorcoach travel has always been one of the most efficient ways to travel. Numerous studies have proven a drastic decrease in environmental harm when traveling by motorcoach, as opposed to personal vehicles and airlines. However, the Arrow Stage Lines mission does not just rely on the efficiency of the vehicles.  

In 2016, Arrow Stage Lines placed a large amount of focus on drivers operating sustainability practices. The company utilized resources to provide required educational opportunities to each Arrow Stage Lines’ driver through the University of Vermont’s Sustainability Transportation Certification program. In fact, to-date, every Arrow Stage Lines driver has completed this training and is required to pursue a number of continuing education requirements throughout their employment

Tim Boston

“It is important that we continue to improve our practices to not only provide better customer service, but also use that knowledge to ensure we are doing our jobs to best of our abilities,” said Arrow Stage Lines’ Director of Safety & Risk, Tim Boston. 

Arrow Stage Lines focused on eliminating the use of paper by moving the entire fleet, nationwide, to an EVIR (Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report) solution. The EVIR solution was implemented in 2015, and has allowed Arrow Stage Lines the ability to leverage technology to eliminate the use of paper DVIR solutions 

Gene Wordekemper Arrow Stage Lines Charter Bus

“The EVIR implementation was a learning experience for us,” said Arrow Stage Lines’ Director of Maintenance, Gene Wordekemper. “It is important to our company to leverage technology to the best of our ability, but also provide solutions that elevate the driver’s ability to perform their job at a high level.” 

Most recently, Arrow Stage Lines announced Simple Accept; a digital quoting and booking solution that removes the unnecessary steps of printing and scanning. The solution was not only designed to provide quick, easy access for the customer, but also help eliminate the need for every customer to print out a variety of different items.  

“Simple Accept is a breakthrough for our industry,” said Luke. “And we are proud to be leading the charge in innovation.” 

Arrow Stage Lines has been introducing a number of technological advancements over the course of the last 3 years, and received Metro Magazine’s 2016 Innovative Operator of the Year Award

For Arrow Stage Lines, it is about more than just providing clean, economical advancements. The company has dedicated financial resources to help make a global impact in areas of need. With the help of valued customers, the Arrow Stage Lines’ Hero Project has helped create a positive impact in the lives of over 700 men, women, and children, by providing funds from every charter sold during the year, to benefit Charity Water. Charity Water is an international organization dedicated to bringing an end to the world water crisis. 

“It has been fantastic to see the support behind the Hero Project,” said Luke. “The feedback from our customers has been astounding.”

Arrow Stage Lines has provided over $14,000 in support to the Hero Project, and has plans to announce another phase in the coming weeks. 

Steve Busskohl

“We have always been an organization that feels it is important to contribute back,” said Arrow Stage Lines’ CEO, Steve Busskohl. “We could not imagine a better way than to help impact our world on a global scale. It is a blessing to be able to provide help to those who are in need. 

Arrow Stage Lines is dedicated to making strides in innovative solutions that help enhance the customer experience, while also providing long-term benefits to the future of our world.