Arrow Stage Lines Gives Even More With Phase II

If you have recently visited you may have noticed some small changes in the appearance of the site. The 2016 Innovative Operator of The Year, Arrow Stage Lines, has been quietly working on massive website changes in the background.

After a new site release last May, Arrow Stage Lines promised a Phase II release would follow. The project vowed to deliver more imagery, stronger interactive elements, leadership bios, and more information about the company.

Luke Busskohl

“Phase II was a carefully crafted design project, that included some intricate moving pieces,” said Arrow Stage Lines’ COO, Luke Busskohl. “The new site delivers on the promised features and more.”

The official website launch date was June 9th, 2016, but many of the new elements have been noticeably merging over into the current site. The new released site advances some of the features of the previous release. Arrow sales team members are even more accessible on the State pages, along with easier to navigate facility location identification. The new menu options allow for quick state and option selection. Image gallery sections are even larger than before, including new robust imagery.

The company also provides insight into the newly launched Hero Project, as well select company leadership, storied company history, and Arrow Stage Lines’ dedicated efforts to securing a sustainable future.

The cleaner user experience allows users to access information faster than before, and includes more video than ever before.

Brandon Osborn

“We wanted to deliver some awesome user features, while also showing customers ‘why’ Arrow Stage Lines is a top choice provider,” said Arrow Stage Lines V.P. of Marketing & Business Development, Brandon Osborn. “Our primary focus moving forward is developing even more videos.”

The website’s photo galleries will start including short video tutorials on each of the vehicles offered in each state. This allows customers the ability to view the option and learn more prior to quoting the equipment for their specific need.

A new mobile version is also a strong piece of the Phase II release. The new mobile platform uses the responsive nature of the website to deliver a completely unique customer experience on mobile devices.

“More and more individuals are accessing information on tablets and mobile devices,” said Luke. “The mobile experience was an extremely important aspect of this new release.”

Chuck Gunnels

“The new site delivers on a variety of levels,” said V.P. of Sales & Operations – Heart Of America Region, Chuck Gunnels. “You can access almost every Arrow Stage Lines’ brand all from one website.”

The new Arrow Stage Lines’ site has advanced the nationwide ground transportation options, ANGL [Arrow Nationwide Ground Logistics]. Customers are now able to quote transportation all across the nation, directly from the Arrow Stage Lines’ website.

In line with the Phase II release, Arrow Stage Lines has advanced its Arrow Connect platform. Arrow Connect provides passengers with a bundling of on-board connectivity options. This includes the company’s exclusive one-touch navigation. Arrow Connect V2.0 will be released nationwide over the next week.

“It is critical that we continue to improve the customer experience and our products,” said Brandon. “We strive every day to make further advancements in our industry.

Arrow Connect V2.0 will allow for faster upload times, quicker navigation and a cleaner user experience. Additionally, Arrow Stage Lines is currently testing Arrow Connect Theater. This beta test is featured on select Arrow Stage Lines and Express Arrow equipment based in Omaha, NE. Arrow Connect Theater promises all the same functionality as Arrow V2.0, but allows users to stream premium movies, and select TV content on their personal devices.

“The Arrow Connect Theater beta test is really exciting,” said Luke. “We are very interested to see how this performs. It will be amazing to allow our customers to watch premium content while onboard an Arrow Stage Lines or Express Arrow motorcoach.”

If successful, Arrow Stage Lines has operational plans to start developing the service across its nationwide fleet.

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