Arrow Stage Lines Advances On-Line Quoting

Arrow Stage Lines has advanced its on-line quoting system beyond the previous version. Arrow Stage Lines released a new website in June of 2015. This site featured a number of new innovative concepts, including massive imagery, robust photography, team member representation and a one-of-a-kind quoting platform.

The latest version of the quoting platform takes the company’s vision one step further.  The new quoting platform provides a much faster and accurate way for on-line users to input information.

Luke w background

“More and more potential customers are using the internet to gain information and shop, “ said Arrow Stage Lines COO, Luke Busskohl. “Its crucial we continue to make advancements and improvements in this space.”

Arrow Stage Lines now provides clients with the option to submit an estimated budget range, and provide further details in addition to the necessary information. The entire platform is delivered in a fully customized display that reflects the same vision as the site.

Brandon Headshot

“Consistency in visual appeal is a big focus for us,” said Arrow Stage Lines VP of Marketing and Business Development, Brandon Osborn. “We have not abandoned any of the previous functions, like vehicle pre-fill, or regional vehicle options, but rather enhanced the options for each user. We aimed to provide a much more customizable approach for the user, while also ensuring we have all the proper information to provide them with an accurate response.”

The new quoting platform prompts users to submit all necessary information. The company believes this will increase the accuracy and efficiency of the quoting process.

“No one wants to wait for an online quote,” said Luke. “If we can capture all the necessary information and possibly more, we can be much more responsive.”

Arrow Stage Lines will continue the development of the site with Phase II, scheduled for the end of Q4, this year 

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