Arrow Entertainer On-Line Re-Engineered

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In honor of Arrow Entertainer adding Rebel to the line-up, the brand has released a new website. The new site features a cleaner design, with more robust photography and design elements. The user experience was top-of-mind as the brand moved forward with the new site. 

Luke w background

“Having a strong brand presence online is key,” said Luke Busskohl, Arrow Stage Lines COO. “We want our clients to know, how much passion we have for our company, and this shows with the new Arrow Entertainer site.”

The new user interface incorporates large imagery and various videos. In-page features allow for users to easily move through fleet pages.

Brandon Headshot

“Advancing our young brands is a strategic focus right now,” said Brandon Osborn, V.P. of Marketing and Business Development. “A major piece of that focus is making sure we have brand consistency throughout. The new Arrow Entertainer site is a big step in the right direction.”

The development team has compiled feedback from previously released sites and incorporated a number of those features on the new Arrow Entertainer site. 

See it for yourself and learn more about Arrow Entertainer at