Arrow Entertainer Reimagined – RokCon is Born

Rock Confidence. A simple statement with a fearless dedication to deliver. At Arrow Entertainer, we fly our flag high in honor of every artist, production group, manager, planner, and roadie. Confidence is more than just a word, it is our state of mind, our mantra; it defines us as a service provider.  

Luke Busskohl

“As we grow in this awesome business, we are learning more about ‘how’ we define ourselves as a tour bus service provider,” said Arrow Entertainer COO, Luke Busskohl. “We execute a lot of services very well, and we want our clients and passengers to know they are in excellent hands when they are working with Arrow Entertainer.” 

The new Arrow Entertainer website is designed to deliver a faster navigation experience, more video options, and more robust imagery. #RokCon is the cornerstone of service for the growing brand. This stands behind the promise to deliver on-time service, elite maintenance and superior safety. All this, while also pairing each tour with exceptional, highly trained drivers.

Chuck Gunnels Arrow Stage Lines

“RokCon seems simple, but when you have been providing transportation for over 85 years, delivering confidence in every aspect of transportation is in our blood,” said Arrow Entertainer Managing Director, Chuck Gunnels. “We know what matters the most, and we can back it up with years of experience.” 

 While, Arrow Entertainer saw its birth in 2014, the parent company Arrow Stage Lines, has been in operation since 1928. Before launching the exclusive entertainer line, the company worked with production groups from all across the nation with specialized customer sleeper motorcoaches. 

 The growth and demand for Arrow Entertainer has been phenomenal according to Luke. The company entered into the new business venture with a strategic scalable plan, but the demand has exceeded the expectations.  

“I don’t think we should be surprised,” said Luke. “When you have a good product paired with excellent service, it is a win for the customer. That is what we aim to deliver every time.”  

Arrow Entertainer recently released its newest addition, Vader, this past month. The new addition featured more kitchen space than any other entertainer in the line-up, while also providing a different rear galley layout. 

“We are learning what is important to some cliental,” said Chuck. “Kitchen space is one of the most sought after spaces in a coach, so we wanted to step it up. The new Vader option has more kitchen space and features two refrigerators.” 

The company has plans to add an additional tour bus options in the fall of this year, with plans to continue to add even more  tour bus options in 2017. 

Visit the new Arrow Entertainer website to see all the changes, learn more about #RokCon, and view new images of the tour bus options. 

Arrow Entertainer is based in Kansas City, MO and is dedicated to providing VIP transportation, special event charter bus service, tour bus service, production tour bus service and more.