Additional Peace of Mind

We take the safety of our passengers very seriously and want you to feel safe, secure, and comfortable at all times, while traveling on our motorcoaches.  

Did you know our team members are required to complete sexual harassment prevention training?

Did you know they also complete training to recognize the signs of abuse and human trafficking, and what to do if they see it?

It was recently reported on the news that two passengers, while traveling with other transportation providers, were assaulted while on their charters. As rare as this may be, we know you deserve to travel worry free and feel safe during your travels.  This is why we go the extra step and require our drivers to complete this additional training. 

Many of our customers require that their transportation providers carry insurance in the event a tragedy like this happens on a motorcoach they have chartered.  We purchase this coverage in an amount well above what is required.  We do this so our customers have that additional piece of mind.

We want to assure you that we value your safety and will continue to provide our drivers with the training and resources to ensure that.  You are our number one priority.



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