5 Travel Tips to Ensure a Successful Bus Trip

Have you ever been up late the night before a long trip that leaves bright and early at 5 am the next morning; wondering what in the world you are going to do to stay busy while on a bus for the next few days? We have! Arrow Stage Lines has put together a list of five travel tips to ensure you have an enjoyable and successful bus trip.

We know that passengers travel on a motorcoach for many different reasons. Some travel for business, parties, sports, tours, and many more events. One thing that is common for all, is that you are usually confined to a seat for what can feel like a very long period of time. So, what are some of our suggestions for the best ways to enjoy that time? Check this out:

Stay Connected – Take advantage of the amenities on-board every Arrow Stage Lines’ motorcoach. We offer Arrow Connect on our motorcoaches, which provides our passengers with Wi-Fi, enabling you to stay current with social media, itineraries, news, and more, without having to worry about data limits. “Well, that drains my battery”, some people would say, but no need to worry about that, we have outlets at every seat, allowing you to charge all your devices while you are staying busy.

Relax – Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey. Put down your arm rests, recline your seat, and close your eyes, as some of the best drivers in the industry transport you to your next destination. With large panoramic windows, a quiet ride, and air ride suspension, it’s easy to find yourself asleep on one of our cozy, comfortable motorcoaches. Books, magazines, and crossword puzzles are favorites of some of our most experienced travelers. It’s easy to pass time and enjoy yourself, while diving deep into a good book.

Food – Be sure to pack a nice goodie bag for the trip ahead. Every motorcoach operator will provide you with the opportunity to stop whenever you want, but we know that you want to get to your destination with the fewest interruptions! So, bring along some healthy (or unhealthy) snacks to munch on while going down the road. With a clean, sanitized bathroom onboard, you do not have to worry about stopping for restroom breaks, so enjoy your snacks while you travel!

Pictures – Be sure to pick the best seat to take some great panoramic photos (this is actually every seat)! The road is full of amazing places to take pictures. Sometimes you will witness some of the most beautiful sights from inside the large panoramic windows of an Arrow Stage Lines’ motorcoach. Whether traveling across the sandhills of Nebraska, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, or experiencing the lights in New York City, there is always a sight to be seen! In the rare chance that all else fails, there is always a beautiful Arrow motorcoach that loves to have its picture taken with you (then send it to us!!)!

Friends – It’s always more fun to travel with friends! However, if you are traveling alone, make a friend on the bus! When traveling by motorcoach, you are usually going somewhere fun or going to do something special. It’s always more enjoyable to do those things with someone to laugh and have fun with you. Be sure to find a friend to enjoy your trip with you.

Arrow Stage Lines knows you are headed to a destination, but our job is to help you #experiencethejourney. Our goal is that every mile someone travels with Arrow Stage Lines, that they are experiencing something new, fun, or exciting that they will never forget. We are in the memory making business and we love being right there with you through it all! Be sure to stay connected, sit back and relax, eat lots of food, take too many pictures, and enjoy it with your closest friends.

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