5 Reasons Your Next Trip Should be in a Motorcoach

Being in control of everything, bringing your group together, comfort and connectivity — for many people, that is what the perfect group trip looks like. Well I have some good news for you, and that is you can have all of that and more when chartering a motorcoach.

When looking for transportation for your group, you have many options in todays world. You could fly on the airlines, ride a schedule bus, take separate cars/vans, or better yet, charter a motorcoach. If you have never done this before, it may sound like a daunting task, but if you ask someone who has, they will tell you how surprisingly easy this is. I have put together 5 reasons your next trip should be in a motorcoach, and I am sure it will make you think twice when searching for group transportation.

  1. It brings your group together – Who would not want that as a group leader? This is one of the biggest “yeah we know” statements, but it truly is one of the best advantages to traveling in a motorcoach. Whether a 10 minute or month long trip, I can guarantee you will feel a connection and relationship with the people you are on your motorcoach with. With up to 54 seats in a motorcoach, that could result in a lot of bonding relationships, or even new friends. ūüôā
  2. You’re in charge¬†– When chartering a motorcoach, you and your group are ultimately in charge of where and when your trip leaves, how many stops you take, and how far you go. There are legal limitations for motorcoach operators, but other than that, you are completely in charge. This is such an advantage in todays world where everything is go, go, go. You are in charge of your schedule, where you stop, what you do, and essentially everything else. Who would not love that?!
  3. Comfort & Connectivity РComfort is one of the focal points of a motorcoach, and that is why most modern motorcoaches are equipped with plush seats, footrests, and ample leg room. Most motorcoaches in todays world are as connected as the average home or workplace. With outlets at every seat and wifi throughout the motorcoach, there is no reason you can not do your work/homework/play games during your whole trip! With massive panoramic windows surrounding the motorcoach, we would suggest you spend some time taking in the breathtaking views, but we do also understand how important it is to stay connected. Wifi and outlets seem to be the lifeblood of people these days, and a motorcoach does not fall short on having those amenities.
  4. Eco-friendly¬†– Some people see eco-friendly and say “yeah… right…” because of the large diesel engines that power the motorcoach. But when you truly do look at the numbers and see the impact you are making, it truly is astonishing. There are a lot of numbers and other facts we could talk about, but the main one I always like to think about is the number of cars that are off of the road because of people riding in a motorcoach. When you see one motorcoach traveling down the road, it is reasonable to think that at least 30-50 cars are not on the road causing traffic issues, and mainly polluting the eco system. With a push in motorcoach transportation, it could have a huge impact on our cities and world. Arrow Stage Lines was awarded the 2017 Green Spirit Award given by ABA.
  5. Innovation РThe motorcoach industry is always looking to innovate in many different areas. Arrow Stage Lines has been a significant part of this movement in many different ways, and it has shown itself in the many industry awards won for innovative operator of the year. Arrow Stage Lines has worked hard at making the customer experience world class and something that no one else in the industry has done. Simple Accept, Arrow Connect, and the Certificate of Sustainable Transportation are just a few little things that Arrow has done to innovate in the last couple of years.

When looking for the best group transportation method, I would challenge you to always put charter motorcoaches at the top of the list . Some may say that we are not the fastest way to get from point A to point B, but we can guarantee you that you will stay connected, stay in control, bring your group closer together, change the world by being eco-friendly, and innovate how people travel in our world!

Book your next charter motorcoach here, and learn more about how Arrow Stage Lines is making a difference all across the world here.