Meet the most colorful buses from around the world!

Some people may think of buses as nothing more than a mode of mass transportation to get from A to B. However, there are some wonderful and unusual buses that can be found in countries all around the world, and these have become not only eye-catching but in some cases iconic vehicles.

Colorful buses around the world:

Buses don’t have to be bland or boring in terms of their appearance, and this is something that is proven by some wonderfully colorful buses that are around today. Some of the most colorful buses in the world can be found in:

  • Where Are the Most Colorful Buses in the World? - Arrow Stage LinesAthens, Greece: If you are heading to historical Athens in Greece you will be able to feast your eyes on more than just historical sites and attractions. Here you will find the vibrant blue and yellow trolley bus complete with bright yellow hub caps.
  • Where Are the Most Colorful Buses in the World? - Arrow Stage LinesHua Hun, Thailand: Your eyes will be treated to an explosion of color in Hua Hun, Thailand. The colorful long distance buses here combine all sorts of vibrant colors and graphics designed to turn heads.
  • London, England: The pillar box red buses in London are not only vibrant and eye-catching but have also become an iconic symbol of England’s capital, as they are recognized around the world.

Where Are the Most Colorful Buses in the World? - Arrow Stage Lines

 Of course, it is worth remembering that buses have become a popular means of advertising these days, which means that there are buses all around the world sporting ads and graphics. This has seen buses in many countries becoming increasingly vibrant and colorful over recent years.

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