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Sustainable Transportation

Caring For Our World And Our Future

The Certification for Sustainable Transportation’s (CST) was founded in 2012 by the University of Vermont to help improve economic, environmental, and energy efficiency within the passenger transportation sector. All Arrow Stage Lines drivers are required to receive and maintain eRating certifications. Training programs cover an array of awareness and education programs. CST’s mission is to build awareness of, and promote the use of, transportation options that:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions,
  • Increase energy efficiency, and
  • Utilize alternative fuels and new technologies.

CST operates out of UVM Extension and helps to directly fulfill the mission of the University by providing research-based educational programs to help improve the quality of life for people living in Vermont and beyond. The CST programs can have positive impacts for communities, families, homes, farms, businesses, and the natural environment.

CST remains anchored in research and innovation through its connection to UVM. In both its formation and its current operation, the CST works closely with stakeholders from the private sector, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. This structure provides CST with academic and financial oversight and a balanced approach to the program, while staying useful to both consumers and suppliers of passenger transportation services.

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